Saturday, March 27, 2010

Channeling "Paris in the Spring"

Seems like today is the perfect day to be channeling "Paris in the Spring" from Ottawa!

Seeing that it was Saturday, I indulged myself with a little reading before I got out of bed this morning. As it happens, I am currently enjoying A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle and so I greeted the day with March:

“The almond tree was in tentative bloom. The days were longer, often ending with magnificent evenings of corrugated pink skies …. The People of Provence greeted spring with uncharacteristic briskness, as if nature had given everyone an injection of sap.”
I wandered down to breakfast, images of those blooms in my head and found the Ottawa Citizen’s “style” magazine waiting for me on the kitchen table. I was immediately drawn to the article Paris on the Rideau by Charles Enman.
“It may not have the same ring as “Paris in the Spring.” But Parisians who live in Canada’s capital say it has its own virtues."
Sure it does, excluding days like yesterday when the temperature dropped overnight from 15c to -18c sending all the budding crocuses back into hiding.

Over to the computer with my morning coffee where I mentioned to a friend that I wanted to go to the Ottawa Home & Garden Show today prompting him to mention the 2011 Philadelphia International Flower Show with the theme of, you guessed it, Springtime in Paris.

I topped off the morning with the latest post (March 26th, 2010) from Barod in Blue My Cherry Blossom Tree  with its beautiful images.

Yes, it’s warming up out there in Ottawa, -2c with a high of 6c predicted for today so I’m off to Landsdowne Park where I’m sure to reinforce my daydreams of springtime in Paris.


  1. Lord Myron de VerneMarch 29, 2010 at 5:01 AM

    Do you know French People's favorite sport?
    Complaining.Bitterly. All the time.About everything.Weather conditions.Politics.Traffic jams.Money.Old Europe slowly sinking downwards.Dark Future.Fast food and deep freezed products( we eat them though).French writers not ruling the world literature as they once did (even frenchmen who never read a book deplore that).The list of our complaints is endless...I could write a daily blog for months with it, but it is above my strength!
    That's why I decided to settle in Second Life ( Where I met Tatiana), carefully avoiding contemporay sims, and mainly french-speaking sims: I meet enough of them in Real Life.And that's why I enjoy so much English or American blogs about France, and mainly Paris and Provence, my two favorite places in my Homeland...You, foreigners, can't know how good it is to read you speaking of your Dream France...It's soooo refreshing! You help us viewing it with a renewed, friendly and caring eye... Thank You! I love you for that!
    P.S: I know that your blog is not mainly about France, Tatiana, but it's a part of it we have in common;and I enjoyed the rest of it,as well...And let me add this:
    I admire how you decided to take the chance of a new life, and I most sincerely wish you the best in these new adventures!

  2. @Myron - Welcome, it's lovely to see you here :)

    Interesting how I'm seeing Canada with a renewed eye & getting inspiration locally as well as from my "dream" places such as France, Italy etc. I think we all benefit from dreaming a bit!

    Thank you for your kind wishes. It's wonderful to be on this new adventure. I finally may decide what I really want to be when I grow up. But then again maybe not ;)

    Take care.