Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter Bunnies

I have bunnies on the brain this Easter
Vintage Bunnies
Chocolate Bunnies
Cartoon Bunnies
Beatrix Potter Bunnies

I had intended to do a flowery little Easter post 
something more like this

or perhaps something more along the lines of 
with beautiful 17-Century Illuminated pages

But the bunnies would not be denied!

This bunny binge is likely the result 
of my musing that the 
Easter Bunny would not be stopping by our home this year

Big Mistake!

I should have remembered Monty Python's Holy Grail "just a harmless little bunny"
to appreciate the kind of raw power I was up against

I've definitely learned my lesson

It's just best to embrace the thought of rascally rabbits
making an appearance at Easter time

So here's a little Peter Rabbit collage
as my Easter Bunny penance

May your Easter be filled with
Family and Friends
a whole lot of Fun!

Happy Easter Bunnies by  on 2014-04-20 There's an abundance of Easter bunnies this year

Images: 19th-Century Painting: Unknow; Roses, peonies, and other flowers on a ledge (detail): Jan Frans van Dael; Peter Rabbit Collage: Tatiana Dokuchic with Beatrix Potter images.

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