Friday, August 9, 2013

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I've never been a prodigious poster.  Perhaps it's because I really like to ponder over my posts before I actually write them.  Perhaps it's because there are just so many hours in the day and I'm not the quickest scribe in the west.  Whatever the reasons, I knew that having two blogs was apt to complicate my life and make my blogging frequency appear even more sporadic than it actually was.  I went ahead and created them both anyway.
Tatiana's Tea Room, the first of my blogging endeavours, grew out of my adventures in Second Life® including the small business that I run there.  I often describe Renaissance Daze, TTR's younger sister, as my "real life" blog which is kind of an inside joke since both blogs deal equally with real life and fantasy.

They each serve their respective audiences but over the years the overlap in their subject matter material has become more pronounced and I sometimes find it difficult to decide where I should actually publish my latest musings.  Considering that my last post here was in April, it looks like I've become a bit "unbalanced" :)
In an attempt to correct this, I'm going to suggest a few TTR posts that may be of interest to my Renaissance Daze readers.  In consideration of those friends & readers that actually follow both of my blogs,  I seldom cross post and I now humbly beg their forgiveness for the duplication.
French Ephemera: Prêt à Papier (photo: top, left) looks at the stunning ephemeral art of  Isabelle de Borchgrave who uses paper to recreate whole collections of couture inspired by famous paintings, grand couturiers and museum costumes.
Kitchen Garden: Roses (photo: top, right) is a nod to a little Second Life project of  rose topiaries while ...
The Potager or Ornamental Kitchen Garden (photo: bottom, left) is a more in depth look at the ultimate vegetable patches of Villandry and Versailles.  And finally ...
French Ephemera: Paris et Poulet (photo; bottom, right) a few more Second Life creations inspired by the wonderful French Ephemera that seems to be everywhere this summer.
I do hope that you enjoy this brief tour through my Second Life!  Many thanks for playing along with me :)

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