Saturday, April 20, 2013

Reluctant Renovator: Spring?!

Spring Cleaning has taken on a whole new meaning this year!
Scrubbing, washing, vacuuming, dusting.
I've actually caught myself muttering "Wax on, wax off" while cursing Mr. Miagi under my breath.

Talking to other renovation veterans, I've learned that this is a common condition and it makes me wonder why I never considered hiring professional cleaners as part of the overall renovation budget.  Truth be told, I just cannot wrap my mind around paying someone to do something that I'm fully capabale of and the money really would be much better spent on getting the air ducts cleaned.  I keep imagining them wheezing through decades of accumulated dust with a new layer of construction dirt sprinkled liberally on top.

I'm also blaming part of my cleaning blues on Mother Nature.  Seems like she might also be a tad overwhelmed this year and is having a hard time moving along to Spring.  Enough with the cold and dark and snow already it's time for some sunshine!

In an act of encouragement meant for both of us (me & MN that is),
I've plunked a wonderful orchid down on the kitchen windowsill.

 It's a promise of beauty, light and May flowers on a dreary April day!

Putting my cleaning/seasonal whining aside, things are really shaping up in the kitchen as you can see from these pics.  Now I'm off to unpack & wash another box of dusty glasses :)


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  1. Oh my lord! THIS IS YOUR KITCHEN??? It's soooo gorgeous!!

    1. Thanks, Julie! After posting this I kind of slipped into vacation mode so I haven't really done a proper blog update on the renovation. Good news is that we are really enjoying it :)