Monday, February 18, 2013

Reluctant Renovator: Striptease

We're two weeks into the renovation and I'm daring to hope that the worst is over!

Almost everything that had to go has been stripped away and a bit of newness has begun creeping in.

It took about a week for the tile floor to make its exit and I'm still cursing the original installers that did such a poor job that the floor failed and had to be replaced.  Considering that there was 650 sq. ft. of tile it was a big job and you can just imagine the dust generated from all the cement & grout.  Have I mentioned recently that I'm allergic to dust?  Where's the Benadryl!

It also took about a week to remove all the wallpaper from the hallway.  I could curse the original installer, but since that was me I figure I've paid my penance by taking it down myself.  Fortunately, I had the foresight to prime the walls before I papered them which made the process a whole lot easier.  I just wish I hadn't used that extra wallpaper glue on some of the seams.  It took copious amounts of hot water & elbow grease and that extra glue had me reconsidering my decision not to use chemical strippers.

The bulkhead, wall tiles, fluorescent light and upper cabinets have disappeared from the kitchen.  I had resisted removing the bulkhead (this was before we found out the tile floor had to go and I was thinking I could get away with cosmetic changes) but now I'm so glad that it's gone.  Thanks to the professionals that gradually talked me around, the kitchen space is already showing its potential.
I'm delighted that the majority of the kitchen components, including the sink, have found their way to a new home so the huge dumpster that is gracing our driveway remains relatively empty (except for the aforementioned accursed tile of course).

The dogs are coping well, each in their own way.  Buffy, the poodle, enjoys supervising my efforts but refuses to lay down on the plywood floor.  After all she is a poodle!  She seeks out any little bit of carpet or chair when she needs a break.  Karma, the sheltie, is unperturbed and continues to make herself comfortable wherever she lands.  I guess you have to be hardy and adaptable when you come from the Shetland Isles.  Lacy, the German Shepherd, just can't believe we keep letting these strangers into our home, especially since they keep destroying the surroundings.  In disgust, she's washed her paws of the whole thing and refuses to pose for a picture.

So that's the two week wrap up.  The new tiles started going in on Thursday and the lower kitchen cabinets are coming out today.  Looks like the restaurants in Kanata are going to be seeing a whole lot more of us this week!

Comments and commiseration are always welcome.  If you have any tips for getting rid of the construction dust I would love to hear them.  Right now I'm carrying a Swifer with me everywhere I go, pretending it's a magic wand, but I haven't managed the correct "flick of the wrist" that goes with the permanent de-dusting spell.

Images: Tatiana Dokuchic

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