Saturday, April 28, 2012

Step by Step: 250 Miles and an Earbug

Woohoo!! It took me two months but I've just earned my 250 Mile Badge from Fitbit!! Yeah, I know the image is of my 50 mile Badge from March 11th but unfortunately the 250 mile image didn't quite make it through the email process.  Hey, it's the thought that counts :))

I've skipped through some of those 250 miles (608,515 steps according to my stride) and trudged through a few more.  I'm ten pounds lighter, one clothing size smaller and my rings finally fit my fingers again.  This is a very good thing as I was determined not to have those rings resized so they've been sitting in my drawer for longer than I care to remember.

I've also managed to pick up one very pesky earbug (Urban Dictionary definition: A song that's stuck in your head that you can't get out for anything).  I thought that I would share it with you in the hopes that sharing may exorcise it from my own head.  Let's also hope that I'm not going to have to walk 500 or, worse yet, 1000 miles to get rid of this tune!  Exorcised by exercise so to speak ;)

Here's I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers  re-edited with clips from the movie Benny & Joon.

May 31, 2012: Just hit 400 miles (958,266 steps). Really looking forward to the 500 mile mark!

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