Walking to Mordor Challenge

“It’s a dangerous business going out of your door. You step into the Road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to.”
Bilbo Baggins

Inspired by A Hobbit's Guide to Walking this Walking to Mordor Challenge is based on The Atlas of Middle-earth where Frodo & Sam's route has been recorded in minute detail. 

Used in conjunction with The Fitness Nerd's Walking to Mordor & Back spreadsheet and a pedometer (I'm using my Fitbit) you have everything you need to begin your quest to destroy the ring.  You can start at any time and please proceed at your own pace; fast or slow it's all good!

I would love to have company along the way (a two year round trip can get lonely & it looks like I'll be travelling until 2014!) so feel free to jump in with your comments, tips, progress, etc. 

I do encourage you to start your own journal and/or Pinterest board to record your personal journey.  Contact me if you would like to become a pinner on the group Pinterest board.

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Walking to Mordor Challenge posts from this blog

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Hobbiton to Mordor: 1779 miles; ETT:395 days; ETA: March 2013

Hobbiton to Mount Doom is 1779 miles (2863 kilometers) and it wasn't unusual for the Fellowship to cover 20 miles or more in one day. My daily goal is much less ambitious since my experience shows that I have to work hard to maintain the recommended 10,000 steps a day which, for me, works out to approximately 4.5 miles. So I'm looking at an elapsed time of 395 days or just over a year to complete the outward journey. Apparently questing is not for the faint of heart!
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Hobbiton to Rivendell: 458 miles; ETT:1 02 days; ETA: June 2012
Detailed Mileage & Descriptions: Hobbiton to Rivendell

Hobbiton to Bree: 135 miles; ETT: 30 days
Bree to Weathertop: 105 miles; ETT: 24 days
Weathertop to Rivendell: 218 miles; ETT: 49 days

Frodo Baggins and his fellow Hobbits set out from Bag End heading for The Prancing Pony in Bree.  Excitement is mixed with trepidation as they set out on this journey especially since Hobbits (with the exception of the "eccentric" Bilbo Baggins) are not exactly know for their adventurous spirits.  On their second day out they become aware of the evil presence of a Black Rider that appears to be stalking them.  Although they do not find Gandalf in Bree, they do meet the Ranger Strider who becomes their guide as they continue on their trek to Rivendell.  Reaching Weathertop, the company is attacked by Nazgul who seriously wound Frodo.  The company rests & recuperates in Rivendell amongst the Elves. Although he does not realize it yet, Frodo's life has been forever altered.

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Rivendell to Lothlorien: 462 miles; ETT: 103 days; ETA: September 2012
Detailed Mileage & Descriptions: Rivendell to Lothlorien

Rivendell to Hollin Ridge: 232 miles; ETT: 52 days
Hollin Ridge to West-gate of Moria: 108 miles; ETT: 24 days
West-gate of Moria to Moria Exit: 42 miles; ETT: 9 days
Moria Exit to Lothlorien: 80 miles: ET 18 days

The Fellowship of the Ring is formed in Rivendell and tasked with delivering the One Ring to Mount Doom where they will destroy it.  Moving south across empty country, the weather is cold, grey and windy. 

Lothlorien to Rauros: 389 miles; ETT: 86 days; ETA: December 2012
Detailed Mileage & Descriptions: Lothlorien to Rauros

Rauros to Mount Doom: 470 miles; ETT: 104 days; ETA March 2013
Detailed Mileage & Descriptions: Rauros to Mount Doom

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Illustrations: Gandalf Returns to Hobbiton by John Howe; Middle Earth original by Christopher Tolkien

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